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Arizona Law & Rules

Arizona Revised Statutes. Title 25 (Marital & Domestic Relations)

Title 25 covers marriages, divorces, legal separations, annulments of marriage, paternity matters, custody, parenting time matters, and child support.


Arizona Revised Statutes. Titles 12 (Court & Civil Proceedings)

Title 12 defines the various courts and their jurisdictions. It also covers a wide variety of civil actions including torts, eminent domain, and garnishments related to judgments.


Arizona Revised Statutes. Title 8 (Children)

Title 8 covers a wide variety of issues related to minor children including juvenile court and dependency actions.


Arizona Rules of Court.

These include the: Arizona Rules of Family Law Procedure (ARFLP) which covers family law actions such as divorce and custody; Arizona Rules of Civil Procedure (ARCP) which covers civil actions more generally; and much, much more.


Arizona Child Support Guidelines & Online Child Support Calculator.

The Guidelines are the Arizona Law that define how child support is calculated.

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